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The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is one of the largest student organizations at UW-Stevens Point and one of the most active. We are aimed at getting undergraduates valuable experience.  Membership in our society gives access to professionals and it's a lot of fun! Join us at our meetings and our upcoming events.


​Meetings will resume starting Spring Semester, Thursdays at 5:00PM in TNR 170.

Currently our members are actively participating in many different programs provided by the society, such as tours of logging and silviculture operations, local community outreach and education, attending professional conferences, and skill workshops to enhance their abilities as foresters and to prepare for the Basic Skills Exam and other classroom work.

Find us on Facebook @​

4/2/2015 6:48 PMEames, Megan S
4/24/2015 12:05 PMEames, Megan S
UWSP SAF Minutes 012915.docx
1/29/2015 2:46 PMEames, Megan S
UWSP SAF Minutes 020515.docx
2/10/2015 7:42 PMEames, Megan S
UWSP SAF Minutes 022415.docx
2/26/2015 6:06 PMEames, Megan S
UWSP SAF Minutes 11.13.14.pdf
11/17/2014 5:48 PMMickelson, Megan M


Highway clean up along Old U.S. 10 on October 13, 2015, and pizza at Polito's Pizza afterwards. Thank you to all that attended.

Kattie Sloan, Nathan Braatz, and Megan Eames at the involvment fair on 9/10/15 explaining to students what the SAF does and getting people in get involved in the SAF.


Highway clean up along Old U.S. 10 on April 8, 2015, and pizza at Polito's Pizza afterwards. Thank you to all that attended.


Pictures from the Menomoniee Indian Reservation tour on March 28, 2015 of Easter White Pine and other trees and sites on the reservation that a person would not be able to noramlly see if they went on their own.

This photo was taken at Grezenski Forest Products, and we are very appreciative as the experience was well worth the students’ time. Thanks to all of those who participated in the mill tour and we look forward to organizing more events such as this.
 Highway Clean up Spring.jpg
This is a photo of this Spring's Highway Cleanup crew. A huge thanks goes out to each one of these individuals and their willingness to stick out the rainy weather.
Top Row from Left to Right: Alan Heckert,  Michael Sharenbroch, Avery Hackett, Ivan Flannery, William Breuch, Blake Blaskowski, Megan Mickelson, Louise Nolte, Alexandra Rakowski, Chelsea Feil, , Louise Nolte, Jacob Lueck,
Middle-Left= Glenn Ristow
Bottom Row from Left to Right: Larry White, Andrew Widmar, Jacob Lueck, Levi Felske, and Steve Imgrund
-Ivan Flannery
Conclave 2014.jpg 
The UWSP Woodland Sports team took home first place out of 11 schools. Congratulations guys and way to represent SAF strongly. From left, back row: Jessica Krusensterna, Taylor Lockwood, Patrick Grove, Jeanette Lapinski, Fritz Klopp, Andrew Widmar, Ben Hansen, Steven Imgrund, Micah Ertel, Andrew Roelse, Joe Huber, Richard Rudolf. Front Row, from left: Megan Mickelson, Brit Marx, Becca Gregory, Shelby Worel, Tom Schnell, Spencer Johnson, Rainey Johnson, Bailey Matthys, Kristen Cluskey, Paul Watson.
-Ivan Flannery
Arbor Day 2014.jpg 
This picture is of Andrew Widmar, Glenn Ristow and Megan Mickelson as they handed out 200 free red pine seedlings for Arbor on behalf of SAF in front of the Dreyfus University Center.  
-Ivan Flannery
Madison Wood Products Tour Spring '14
This picture was taken at the Madison Wood Products Tour by Dan Meshak as he and Tom spent the day exploring what a Wood Products Lab looks like, and what all goes into making the Lab run effectively. A huge thank you to those two guys for representing UWSP SAF in Madison.


 Most Involved Members Fall '13
Involvement Vests Schuler, Vasquez.jpg 
This picture displays last semesters most involved Society of American Foresters members. Congratulations to Samuel Schuler and Rebecca Vasquez who have been awarded their own personal timber cruising vests, which were given to them by the organization as a recognition for their hardwork and commitment to the club.
 -Ivan Flannery

Broomball Fall 2013 


broomball fall 13.jpg

The annual broomball game at Willet Arena was once again a great turn out as SAF and Fire Crew teamed up to take on Fisheries and Wildlife. Thanks again to everyone who came out to play and we hope to see you again next time.
-Ivan Flannery
 Menominee Tour Fall '13


The fall semester Menominee Tour was an unforgettable experience for all of those who attended. An SAF  officer described this tour as the best he had attended thus far. The Menominee Indian Reservation has been managing their forests for hundreds of years, nonetheless, having an opportunity to walk on land that is otherwise restricted to the  public was truly something amazing. Huge thanks to all those who attended!


-Ivan Flannery 


 Highway Cleanup: October 1, 2013




This semester's highway cleanup was a huge success! Thank you to: Jeanette Lapinski, Andrew Weston (Vice president), Mike Wolfe, Steve Imgrund, Alex Estelmann (Treasurer), Megan Mickelson (Secretary), Katie Sloan, Louise Nolte, Andy Roelse (Activities Coordinator), Taylor Lewandowski and Alex Peterson. We couldn't have done it without you!


-Megan Mickelson

Timber Cruise Workshop Fall '13

timber cruise workshop 2.JPG 

 An image from the fall semester's  timber cruise workshop. Thanks to all those who participated as well as those who helped coordinate the event. This event was another thing that sets UWSP's forestry students apart from other school's across the nation. Keep up the great work guys.


-Ivan Flannery

Madison Wood Products Tour Fall 2013

 madison wood prod tour 13.jpg
Last semester's representatives for the Madison Wood Products Tour. Those who attended include from left to right: Alex Estelmann, Joe Sczepanski, Sam Schuler, and Taylor Schenk. Thanks guys for representing UWSP down in Madison and for sharing the highlights from your experience with SAF.

-Ivan Flannery