To place an order:

Download an Order Form and send it to the Groundwater Model Project by ground mail or email.

To order parts or accessories

Download the Parts Order Form and send it to the Groundwater Model Project by ground mail or email.

If you cannot access this information please contact GWMP by email.

If you recieve your order and it has been damaged in transit, please follow these instructions:

Unfortunately we have had issues in the past with shipping our groundwater flow models across the country, and damages sometime occur when in transit to you. To ensure that damaged models get returned properly and you get a working groundwater flow model, please adhere to the following procedures if your order has been damaged in transit;

          1. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING OUT OF THE BOX! Keep ALL original packaging even if there is water damage, broken contents, etc. DO NOT recycle or throw awaty the box! Please take picture of the box showing what damage that has occurred and send them to       

          2. Contact Groundwater Model Project immediately about the damages. Explain the extent of the damage to your order. Returns must be made within 90 days of the package being delivered in order to avoid the return fee. Any models returned after 90 days will be charged a $100 return fee.

          3. Groundwater Model Project will file a damage claim with USPS, and have a model shipped to you as soon as possible.       

The Groundwater Model Project will do their best to either repair your original model or ship you a new, undamaged model as quickly as possible. We apologize if your order has been damaged. Please call or email the Groundwater Model Project if you need help through this process.
Thank you!
Contact Us:


Phone: 1-715-346-4613

Mailing Address:

Groundwater Model Project

College of Natural Resources

UW-Stevens Point

800 Reserve Street

Stevens Point WI 54481