Two Letters.  One Choice. No Regrets. 

Mission Statement/Values

Our purpose shall be to:

1. Provide a group support system where the organization can promote individual or joint functions

2. Promote the development of leadership skills

3. Promote the social interaction inside and outside the organization

4. Organize and participate in service projects for the community

5. Promote loyalty and scholastic achievement


Thank You to everyone who has helped raise money for the South Wood County Humane Society. Phi Omega has donated close to $170 this semester and with that money the humane society has been able to make some changes to the outside kennels. First they have changed all the outside doors and they look great. Second they changed one of the outdoor runs (as shown in the picture) as they split it up into 5 smaller dog runs so that more dogs can be outside at a time. We look forward to seeing additional changes made throughout the year and seeing the difference we can make for the animals in need.​


​Upcoming Events

  • ​Walk a Mile in her Shoes 12/6 10 a.m.  For more information, click here.