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Evan Forde
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Originally from Miami, Florida, Dr. Forde was influenced by the marine environment around him. He attended Columbia University to earn his B.S. in Geology, and later a M.S. in marine geology and geophysics. As an undergraduate in 1973, Forde held a research position at the Marine Geology and Geophysics Laboratory at NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Atlantic Laboratory. Forde has conducted research in a number of oceanographic and meteorological fields. Research projects have focused on gravity-induced mass sediment movements on continental slopes, 3-D mapping of hydrothermal plumes, and the ocean-atmospheric exchange of carbon dioxide. Besides conducting research, Forde has also worked extensively in science education. He has developed and taught courses at the University of Miami, along with developing OCEANS (Oceanographic Curriculum Empowering Achievement in Natural Sciences) for middle school students in southern Florida. He has quickly become a popular lecturer for school and community events. His current research focuses on the effects that dust storms in Africa have on the formation of Atlantic basin hurricanes.