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University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Chapter

Welcome fellow SERians! You have reached the official page of the UWSP Society for Ecological Restoration chapter. We are in the process of updating/creating our web page and will hopefully be complete one of these days! More project updates to come soon!

We are a relatively small, tight-knit, laid-back and hands-on student organization dedicated to promoting, performing and learning more about ecological restoration both on and off campus. We manage a plot in Schmeekle, create/restore Karner Blue Butterfly habitat, take field trips to and volunteer at local restoration projects and non-profit organizations, work in the greenhouse, have educational meetings, sponsor speakers on campus, practice techniques of ecological restoration and more!

Meetings are currently held on Wednesdays at 5pm in TNR 240.




5PM: Thursday, April 17- TNR 120

Tracy Hames

Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association

CNR Speaker 14.png






Fall 2013 SER World Conference
Madison, WI







Earth Day Planting! April 22 2013!

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point




Earth Weekend Trip! April 21st-22nd 2012!

Aldo Leopold Foundation; Devils Lake; International Crane Foundation!:

We had a group of current and electee SER officers join us on an awesome adventure of volunteering, touring and fun-havin' to celebrate Earth Day weekend and excellent spring weather!

Saturday: Aldo Leopold Foundation work day of trail and native garden construction followed by a tour of the area which included the historic shack land where the inspiration for A Sand County Almanac occurred as well as their Center - some of the "greenest" building in the world! It just happened to be the anniversary of Aldo Leopold's passing as well.


2012 Annual Trip - ALF shack.jpg  
--The Historic Shack


--View from the shack; in the background a historic prairie restoration- 2nd to that of the UW-Madison Arboretum.


ALF Center - sustainable to the max.jpg  
 --ALF Center, leading the way in sustainable design.


Then explored Devils Lake State Park to do some hiking/climbing to cap off an excellent day!


2012 Annual Trip - Devils Lake.jpg  

Sunday: International Crane Foundation. Volunteer brush moving then a tour of their crane facilities exhibiting all 15 of the world's crane species and extensive habitat resotration efforts!



Whooping Crane - Female.jpg  
--Female Whooping Crane. Such elegance!


Necedah National Wildlife Refuge! 03/31/2012:

Group of members spent the day learning about the NWR's restoration efforts for sand prairies, savannas and wetlands. Also, did a bit of seed cleaning and seeding!


 --Seeding some Little Bluestem in a savanna area.


 --Whooping Crane stalking amongst the recently burned sand praires.

Late Fall Seeding: