Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Hmong and Southeast Asian American Club (HaSEAAC) is to promote and provide extensive understanding of the Hmong and Southeast Asian Culture through historical research and current issues. HaSEAAC educates and promotes diversity to the Universities of Wisconsin and the Stevens Point community while providing leadership opportunities for the members of the club. HaSEAAC engages in significant volunteer activities throughout the local and surrounding communities.

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Taste of Toj Roob: The Mountains

Saturday, November 8, 2014 at UWSP

Congrats to our most recent graduates!

HaSEAAC Meeting Minutes:

HaSEAAC Officer Meeting Minutes 06-21-14
HaSEAAC Camping Meeting Minutes 05-14-14
HaSEAAC Officer Meeting Minutes 05-13-14
HaSEAAC General Meeting Minutes 05-07-14
HaSEAAC Camping Trip Meeting 05-05-14
HaSEAAC Officer Meeting minutes 04-30-14
HaSEAAC General Meeting Minutes 04-23-14
HaSEAAC General Meeting Minutes 04-16-14
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